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First Teeth Oral Care Kit

Celebrate the arrival of your Baby's First Teeth. Just like you, we love gummy smiles! It calls for a celebration when the first little "rice grains" arrive, and we get to enjoy happy smiles. However, teething can be a tough time for the baby and parent/caregiver.

Parents and caregivers enjoy the ease and efficiency of the Brilliant Baby Toothbrush. It has a round head and over 24,000 microfine bristles.

Our First Teeth Oral Care Kit is one of the most sought after baby oral care kits on the market. It consists of baby oral care products designed to be gentle on gums and teeth and hard on germs.

Every First Teeth Oral Care Kit contains a Baby’s 1st Teether Brush, a Brilliant Baby Tooth Brush with a 360-degree brush head designed to clean hard-to-reach areas, and Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of good oral hygiene in children. In addition to helping your child develop healthy dental habits, you need to select the right oral care products for them. Kids have tender gums. Many toothbrushes that seem right for your child may damage their gums. Keeping this in mind, we have developed the 1st Teether Brush and the Brilliant Baby Toothbrush.
  • The bristles of the 1st Teether Brush are made of chewable silicone. You don’t have to worry about your baby chewing on the bristles of the 1st Teether Brush as it serves as a teether and a toothbrush.
  • Equipped with a round head and 24,000+ microfiber bristles, the Brilliant Baby Toothbrush can reach areas that ordinary toothbrushes often miss.
  • The Spry Xylitol Gel is fluoride-free. It is safe if swallowed.
Order today to get a carrying case for Baby's 1st Teether-Brush! It is available in Blue, Green, or Pink colors and includes an educational guide for the Budding & Eruption stage of a child's oral care development. Gift one today!

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