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First Teeth Oral Care Kit

Celebrate the arrival of Baby's First Teeth. Just like you, we love gummy smiles! But what a celebration when the first little "rice grains" arrive and we get to enjoy happy smilies. However, teething can be a tough time for baby and parent/caregiver. Each First Teeth Oral Care Kit includes our best-selling Baby's 1st Teether-Brush, Brilliant Baby Toothbrush with 360˚ brush head, and Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel.

Made of chewable silicone, the Teether-Brush is both a teether and a brush on which baby will love to chew.

Parents and caregivers enjoy the ease and efficiency of the Brilliant Baby Toothbrush with its round head (and over 24,000 microfine bristles).

Both brushes work great with our Spry Xylitol Tooth Gel, which is safe if swallowed and fluoride-free. 

Order today to get a carrying case for Baby's 1st Teether-Brush! Available in Blue, Green, or Pink colors. Includes educational guide for the Budding & Eruption stage of a child's oral care development. Gift one today!


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