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BrushMyTeeth Pet Toothbrush

Daily toothbrushing helps your dogs and cats live longer! Dental disease is the most common health problem for both. BrushMyTeeth Round Toothbrush is the only patented toothbrush available for dogs and cats that comes with printed and online instructions. Dental plaque bacteria cover the entire inside of the mouth, not just the teeth. For most dogs and cats, their tongue keeps the inner tooth surfaces clean, so you only need to brush the outer surfaces. The round head has thousands of ultra fine bristles that clean the teeth and inside the cheek. Flat head toothbrushes do not clean plaque bacteria from the inside of the cheek and they have a hard plastic top that can poke the back of your dog or cat's mouth. This round toothbrush has a safe smooth end cap. Run water through the bristles for easy cleaning and stand upright to air dry. Brush every day, replace with a new brush every 6 months. Veterinarian recommended toothbrush that helps keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy! BrushMyTeeth Round Toothbrush comes in one size for Cats and three sizes for Dogs: Small Dogs, Medium Dogs and Large Dogs.


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