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Baby Buddy Oral Care Kit

Start A Lifetime of Smiles The BEST Way!!

Brilliant’s first “Baby Buddy” Oral Care Kit is specially created for ages 0-24 months, and provides a complete oral care program for the first two years of life.
This Brilliant kit gives you the top 5 most valuable and innovative products for parents and caregivers to use with their babies as they grow.

This gift-wrapped set includes 1 package each:

  • 30ct pack of Tooth Tissues® Dental Wipes - use after bottle feeding or nursing to remove milk residue or build up
  • Silicone Finger Toothbrush - start massaging and brushing baby’s gums around 3 months old
  • Wipe-N-Brush - the finger toothbrush and the mouth wipe, combined into one easy step, for when baby starts to actively teethe and bite down, around 4-5 months
  • Baby’s First Teether-Brush -a silicone Teether and Toothbrush combo that can be independently controlled by baby for teething relief that also brushes tender, budding gums.
  • Brilliant Baby Toothbrush -the first bristle toothbrush for baby’s “First/Front teeth,” with soft microfiber bristles that reach 360 degrees around the brush head for gentle, multidirectional cleaning

Starting with the gentle, soothing Tooth Tissue - an oral wipe enhanced with xylitol - parents can step up to use the Finger Toothbrush and the Wipe-N-Brush with their babies and toddlers. Once babies are ready for Baby’s First Teether-Brush, they can use it and manipulate it on their own guidance.

As baby grows into a toddler, they can learn to use the Brilliant Can't-Miss Toothbrush, an intelligent advancement in toothbrush design that features state-of-the-art, circular bristle rings to effectively remove plaque and prevent build-up with regular use. The Brilliant Baby Toothbrush (Soft) leads to the Brilliant Child Toothbrush, once baby molars arrive, and eventually, the Brilliant Kids Toothbrush, which can be used until children can take complete responsibility for their own oral care.


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