Our Story

At Brilliant Oral Care, we strive to offer lifetime care for Baby Gums through Seniors Gums with products that encourage a lifetime of healthy smiles. Brilliant Toothbrushes have a round head featuring all around bristles to offer an unparalleled cleaning of teeth, tongues, gums, and cheeks, without the sharp bristles that far too many have had to endure.

All-Around Bristles. All-Around Clean. With revolutionary solutions from Brilliant Oral Care, you will never brush the same again. A round brush head and over 10,000 micro-fine bristles mean the Brilliant Toothbrush leaves your teeth looking and feeling squeaky clean. From toddlers to adults, Brilliant has a solution to provide you with a lifetime of smiles. Both our manual and sonic toothbrushes feature all-around bristles to remove twice as much plaque as a flat toothbrush. There’s no need to twist and turn your wrist. Let the brush do the work! The Brilliant by Baby Buddy Oral Care Program starts at birth. Lay the foundation for a healthy smile, and as your little one develops, Brilliant by Baby Buddy will grow with them. There is a solution for every stage of life and we want to be with you every step of the way.

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