Finger Toothbrush

Babies’ mouths need cleaning too. The Finger Toothbrush is a double-sided brush. It is made of 100% FDA approved food grade silicone. One side has soft bristles that are able to clean any teeth your baby or infant may have. The other side is textured for massaging their tender and budding gums.
Gently Massage Baby’s Gums
Gently Massage Baby’s Gums

The Finger Toothbrush is a teething baby's dream while introducing them to brushing at an early age. Get a jump start on good oral hygiene. Use it to massage tender budding gums, and then to help your baby brush new teeth.

How To Use
How To Use

Place the toothbrush over the adult’s index finger, wet it and gently brush/massage baby’s gums and teeth. Toothbrush must fit snugly onto the fingertip to make sure that it will not come out during use. Wash before initial use. Rinse thoroughly after each use and air dry. Dishwasher and sterilizer safe.

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