Brilliant Kids Toothbrush

So many changes are taking place in your big kids life. School is starting, baby teeth are on their way out and adult teeth are starting to come in. Your child has a full set of teeth - twenty to be exact; however, their adult teeth are now on their way in. With mixed dentition (baby and adult teeth in the mouth), its time to upgrade to the Brilliant Kids Toothbrush. With longer bristles that are slightly firmer than our Brilliant Child toothbrush, the Brilliant Kids Toothbrush provides added cleaning agility and ability, while remaining gentle enough for a changing mouth. At this stage, your child will want even more independence and will eventually take on the grand responsibility of brushing her/his teeth for the rest of her/his life.  The Brilliant Kids Toothbrush is designed to clean all over the mouth for an all-around clean. Inspire confidence even as you hand over this lifelong responsibility.

Recommended for ages 5+

Royal Blue
The Can't-Miss Toothbrush
The Can't-Miss Toothbrush

It’s round! That means the bristles clean everywhere and in every direction. Designed with over 15,000 microfiber bristles that brush, massage, and clean your child’s mouth better than a plain flat brush, removing 2x more plaque while cleaning the teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. Best of all, the round brush head and specially designed handle make brushing fun - for both of you!

Who's It For?
Who's It For?

When your child's first molars appear, it’s time to upgrade to the Brilliant Child Toothbrush for full mouth brushing. The bristles are soft, yet longer and firmer than our baby toothbrush, to reach the grooves and pits of molar teeth where food can often get trapped.

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