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Brilliant Sensitive Toothbrush

Oral sensitivities can be a challenge, but finding the right brush doesn’t have to be. The Brilliant Sensitive Toothbrush has over 18,000 soft, microfine bristles that clean gently without irritating tender gums or sensitive teeth. It is designed for daily oral care with multidirectional bristle technology that polishes teeth instead of sweeping them like ordinary flat, one-sided toothbrushes. Whether you are coping with an illness that affects your teeth and gums, worn enamel thinning, or sensory issues, the Brilliant Sensitive Toothbrush will help ease your discomfort and make brushing easier for you and your sensitive dental needs.

Finding the right toothbrush can be a challenge for people with sensitive teeth and gums. You are understandably very picky when it comes to choosing a toothbrush. If you have sensitive gums or teeth, you do not want to choose a traditional toothbrush with rough bristles as they can irritate and (possibly) damage your gums and teeth.

The Brilliant Sensitive Toothbrush is designed to help people with sensitive gums, and teeth. Designed by industry professionals, Brilliant's Sensitive Toothbrush removes debris and germs from different areas of the mouth without irritating gums and teeth. Some noticeable features of the Brilliant Sensitive Toothbrush are

  • 18,000+ microfine bristles designed to reach multiple areas of the mouth
  • The bristles come with multidirectional bristle technology for effective cleaning
  • cleans teeth and gums, instead of just sweeping them

Give your teeth and gums the TLC they deserve. Replace your ordinary toothbrush with the Brilliant Sensitive Toothbrush today. Your teeth and gums will thank you! 

The Can't-Miss Toothbrush
The Can't-Miss Toothbrush

It’s round! That means the bristles clean everywhere and in every direction. Designed with over 18,000 microfiber bristles that brush, massage, and clean your mouth better than a plain flat brush, removing 2x more plaque while cleaning the teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. It's time for smarter brushing and a noticeably cleaner mouth.

Who's It For?
Who's It For?

If your gums or teeth are feeling sensitive, these extra-soft bristles are perfect for you -- designed for gentle, yet effective, brushing for sensitive teeth and gums. It’s time for a noticeably cleaner mouth with much less discomfort while brushing.

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