Brilliant Expectant Mom Toothbrush

As your body changes with pregnancy, so do your gums, resulting in sensitive teeth and gums that are prone to bleeding. Designed specifically to nurture an expectant mother's sensitive teeth and gums, The Brilliant Expectant Mom Toothbrush will pamper your smile during this special time in your life.
The Can't-Miss Toothbrush
The Can't-Miss Toothbrush

It’s round! That means the bristles clean everywhere and in every direction. Designed with over 18,000 microfiber bristles that brush, massage, and clean your mouth better than a plain flat brush, removing 2x more plaque while cleaning the teeth, gums, cheeks, and tongue. Moreover, you can brush top and bottom teeth at the same time, saving you precious time. It’s time for smarter brushing and a noticeably cleaner mouth.

Who's It For?
Who's It For?

"The Expectant Mom Toothbrush was created to support sensitive teeth and gums that can occur during pregnancy. This brush was created to provide healthier oral care for moms and babies. Designed with extra-soft bristles for gentle, yet effective, brushing. Good oral health is an important part of prenatal and postnatal care. It’s time for a noticeably cleaner mouth with much less discomfort while brushing."

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