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by Noelle Copeland March 05, 2020 2 min read

How to brush for a Brilliant smile

You’ve made the Brilliant choice and bought a Brilliant Toothbrush, now what?? Here’s how to use the best toothbrush you’ll ever own!!

  • Place a small amount of tooth gel or paste, on any side of the round brush head. 
  • Start by brushing the back teeth, 1-2 teeth at a time,  using small back and forth motions, moving tooth to tooth until all teeth are brushed. Brush the top teeth and then brush the bottom teeth. No need to twist your wrists or the brush, as you move the brush around your mouth.
  • When brushing the tongue side of the front teeth, switch from brushing horizontally back and forth,  to inverting the brush head and brushing the back side of the front teeth vertically, going up and down. Then resume back and forth brushing on the remaining teeth.
  • Brush the tongue, by using up and down brushstrokes, moving from the back of the tongue to the front of the tongue.
  • Rinse the brush thoroughly and tap off any excess water.
  • If using a sonic technology brush, you will follow all the same instructions above but you will have a timer on your brush that will go for 2 minutes, and pulse every 30 seconds. This timer follows the ADA guidelines for brushing for 2 minutes, with each quadrant of the mouth needing 30 seconds of brushing. That would be thetop teeth; right side quadrant and left side quadrant, andbottom teeth; right side quadrant, and left side quadrant.

** Because the Brilliant brush head is round, there is no angle to maintain while brushing. You are always brushing at the ADA recommended 45 degree angle, no matter how you turn or twist the wrist. This makes brushing easier for children and adults alike. The compact head and 12,000+ bristles actually polish the teeth, removing more plaque and bacteria**

*Checkout the videos below for more brushing advice from Brilliant!*

Noelle Copeland
Noelle Copeland

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