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Early Morning Risers Versus Night Owls

Early Morning Risers Versus Night Owls

August 28, 2020 5 min read

It’s a common scenario for people to be classified by their habits and, sometimes KNOWN by their habits. You will frequently be warned, “watch out for Sarah, she’s not a morning person!” Or, “Matt will talk your ear off before 8:30 am - morning person!” Our habit, type, or “best time of day” personality can and will define us as either an early morning riser or a night owl. Is this REALLY a thing? YES IT IS!!  It is so much of a ‘real thing” that research has been done and names have to be given to each side of the spectrum. Early morning risers, aka “morning people” are classified as Larks, whereas night people, or nights owls, are classified as owls. 
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