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Brilliant Choices Throughout History

by Lori Herren March 12, 2020 2 min read

Reflecting through American history and looking at Brilliant innovators, a good place to start is with the Wright Brothers.  Orville and Wilbur Wright, originally from Dayton, Ohio, revolutionized the world and the way man would travel for generations to come. Brilliant moves of history always begin with a really good idea.

The Wright Brothers learned their love for engineering and mechanical skills by working in their shop in Dayton.  They had everything from printing presses, bicycles, motors and other forms of machinery. It was their work with bicycles that convinced them that a kind of vehicle, a flying machine, would in fact fly with the right amount of balance, control and practice. In the 1890’s they began manufacturing their own brand of bicycles and used the funds from sales to back their research in their quest to make flight become a reality. On December 17, 1904 their years of hard work came to fruition when they made the world’s first successful flight of an aircraft near Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

As the Wright Brothers proved there is always a Brilliant idea waiting to be born, worked through and carried out, bringing a better way of life by doing something good for the world.  That’s why we are so passionate to bring Brilliant Oral Care to you and your loved ones. Toothbrushes aren’t unusual and are quite necessary for our health and well-being. Brilliant brushes with our round brush head and thousands of micro-fine bristles, give you an all-around clean.  Your teeth benefit but so do your gums, tongue and cheeks. Just the act of brushing your teeth with a Brilliant brush cleans all over your mouth, that’s why it’s called the “Can’t-Miss” toothbrush, because by using it, you literally can’t miss!!

Brilliant ideas are everywhere, inside each one of us. Unlock the Brilliant choice for your oral care needs. Choose Brilliant!


Lori Herren
Lori Herren

Lori D. Herren is a graduate of the University of West Georgia where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communications for Broadcast Journalism and Public Relations, with minors in Marketing and Music. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends and pursuing her love of music.

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